Pros and Cons of Quartz Worktops Essex for Kitchen and Bathroom Use

January 29, 2021
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When talking about countertops, there are many options available in the marketplace. Countertops are most commonly used in the bathrooms and kitchens to augment the splendor and functionality. Therefore, all modern houses are already equipped with it and if there is no such commodity, people opt for renovation to add this luxury to their house, as it does not only add beauty but also increases the worth of the house. Now, many people get confused when choosing a slid surface for their living place. So, to ease out the decision for you, here are the pros and cons of quartz worktops Essex, so you can understand why this option is better than others.

Although, there are alternate options to using in place of quartz like marble or granite. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, however, quartz is considered superior in terms of finishing, properties. Have a look at the following pros and cons of this exquisite naturally occurring stone before you decide.



The first thing to notice in such a commodity is to see if the slab is durable because no one would like to have renovations every other year. After all, the previous countertop could not withstand the situation. Thus, it is imperative to keep this feature in mind when purchasing a solid surface. However, quartz worktops Essex is the most durable material in this category. This means that it cannot be cracked or broken easily and can be used for an extended period without any worry of replacing it repeatedly. As this stone can be heavy, hence, it is suggested to install cabinets underneath the slab so the cabinets can provide support to the countertop and there are no chances of any damage.

Shades and Patterns:

The best thing about quartz is that this stone is found to be available in exquisite shades with luxurious finishing, giving a classy feel to the entire bathroom or kitchen. The patterns are all natural making them exceptional and unique in every aspect. Either you can choose from the basic colors that can fit well with all styles of rooms or you can go bold with unusual and perky colors to enhance the appearance of the dwelling by going with the desired theme.


Quartz worktops Essex possess some of the best properties that make it an optimal choice to use in a pantry and lavatory. This stone can withstand moisture, stains, and scratches, and is antiseptic. All these qualities should be there in a solid surface that you have to use especially in a pantry because that area is used for the preparation of meals and meals should always be healthy and nutritious. Similarly, a restroom is a place that needs to be clean all the time, as people place face towels and toiletries on the slab.

As both the restroom and cooking area have to face water splashes or liquid spills most of the time, it is best to install quartz in these rooms to have minimal damage when it comes to moisture. Likewise, while cutting fruits and vegetables, there are probabilities that the knife leaves scratches on the surface. Nevertheless, with quartz as your worktop, there is no need to worry when it comes to scratches.

The most common threat to a solid surface is stains that get permanent. But with quartz worktops Essex, there are no such problems. Be it hard stains like oil, coffee, ketchup, chocolate, or wine, because of its non-porous surface, this stone cannot absorb moisture and does not end up leaving permanent stains.

Heat Resilience:

The only thing that this slab lacks is that it is not resilient to heat, which means you cannot place hot pots, pans, or other types of utensils on the countertop. Doing this would fade away the color of the stone, resulting in the damaging of the slab. Therefore, it is essential to avoid this activity and keep hot utensils away from the surface. The other aspect of heat can be sunlight. Do not let excessive sunlight fall on the stone, as it would also fade away the shade, making the worktop less appealing.


Amongst all the options available in the market, quartz worktops Essex is the most expensive. But it is not expensive just for its name. Quartz is a rare natural occurring stone, which makes it pricey along with its properties and finishing. One thing is clear; you will never regret investing in this option. For that many qualities and benefits, a little extra price is not a big deal. It is an ideal choice to be used in both the lavatory and cooking area considering the circumstances faced in these two areas of a living place. As countertops are used to enhance the functionality, there should be no compromise on the quality slabs of this commodity.

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